Kansas City MLK street name, 100 supporters of keeping the Martin.

On Tuesday, voters will settle the debate over renaming The Paseo for Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

People on both sides of the issue said they believe Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is a leader worth honoring in Kansas City.

Those with the group, Save The Paseo, said they would like to see the civil rights leader honored in a different way.

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In January, the City Council voted to rename The Paseo for King, which upset some residents, who then started a petition to put the issue up for a vote.

“We just felt like first, The Paseo is historically significant. It has a beautiful history of its own and the way it was done, we were not happy with the process,” said Kellie Jones, of Save The Paseo.

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The issue is Question 5 on the ballot. A yes vote will change the name of the boulevard back to The Paseo. A no vote will make MLK permanent.

“I couldn’t think of a better street to name after such a historic figure that did so many great things for our country,” said Bishop Mark C. Tolbert, of Victorious Life Church.

Those who advocate renaming the boulevard for King said it is a perfect location because boulevards have better upkeep than many streets.

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“He is really the one, I think, who really stimulated us to strive for equal rights and right now, where’s our rights? To know that they just changed this without informing us or asking our opinion?” resident Delma Franshaw said.

The Paseo was Kansas City’s first boulevard. It was named after a street in Mexico City in the 1800s.


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