Japan snow crab sale for $46,000, Wait, what?. The crab went up for sale in the western Tottori region of Japan, where it garnered a whopper price.

“I was surprised it went for such a high price,” local government official Shota Inamoto said.

No shit man.

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The crab weighed in at 1.2kg and measured 14.6cm across.

So big, but not whopper.

Mr Inamoto said:

“The crab this year beat the record price last year, so we believe this is probably the most expensive crab in the world.”

He also said that the government will be applying for Guinness certification.

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We don’t blame him.

As for the buyer of this pricey crustacean, it was purchased by a local retailer, and will be served at a fancy Japanese restaurant in Tokyo’s Ginza district.
This isn’t the first time some seafood has gone for a massive price in Japan.

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In January, a giant tuna fish was sold for an unbelievable $3.1 million at Tokyo’s new Toyosu fish market.

And last year, a pair of melons fetched a record $29,300 at auction.

You couldn’t make this up lads.


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