MetLife black cat, Viral black cat from Monday Night Football still.

The black cat that ran across the field at MetLife Stadium during Monday’s Cowboys-Giants game stole the show (and our hearts) before quickly disappearing, and it brings us no pleasure to report that the beloved creature has still yet to be found — though not due to a lack of effort.

MetLife Stadium released an update on Wednesday night stating that they had set traps around the stadium but, despite their best efforts, the cat has not been located. The stadium’s official Twitter account even stated they called in backup from a local animal shelter but the manhunt (cathunt?) has remained fruitless.

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While it’s disappointing and a little upsetting that we haven’t got a positive update on the cat, there is something to be said about the animal’s unwillingness to capitalize on its newfound stardom. So often these days we see viral stars get a taste of fame and then shamelessly chase clout or attempt to monetize their 15 minutes of fame but the MNF cat apparently hasn’t been tempted by such desires. I think that’s rather refreshing and honorable. Let the cat live its life away from the spotlights and roaring crowds, if it so chooses.

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It’s also important to note that MetLife Stadium denied “erroneous reports” claiming that they are helping to support a secret society of 300 feral cats living on the stadium’s grounds. However, they did acknowledge that 30 barn cats occasional make their way over to MetLife from the Meadowlands Racetrack next door. No word on where the other 270 cats may or may not be coming from.

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You can believe what you want, but any time I have the opportunity to believe in the existence of an underground colony of rogue cats inhabiting a professional sports stadium — perhaps led by a fearless and pure internet sensation — then I will not allow you to take that away from me.


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