Atatiana Jefferson father death of heart attack (Details).

The father of Atatiana Jefferson has died less than a month after his daughter was shot by a Fort Worth police officer inside her own home.

A spokesman for Marquis A. Jefferson tells NBC 5 that Marquis was not ill, and that he died from a heart attack.

“It’s just sad because of grief. I don’t know what else to say. Less than a month ago, he was working at El Centro, mentoring kids twice a week. He just couldn’t get back from what happened with his daughter,” said Bruce Carter.

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Marquis filed a temporary restraining order last month to stop the funeral of Atatiana saying he would suffer immediate and irreparable harm if the court did not stop the activities of the wake, funeral and burial of Atatiana.

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The funeral was rescheduled after the two sides came to a mutual agreement.

Fort Worth Officer Aaron Dean, who resigned days after Atatiana’s death, was responding to her Fort Worth home on an early Saturday morning for a wellness check after a call from a neighbor about the family’s door being open.

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Atatiana was home playing video games with her nephew when they heard a noise in their back yard. She grabbed a handgun from her purse and walked toward a window. That’s where Dean, who had entered her back yard investigating the call, ordered her to put her hands up before firing a single, fatal round.


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