David Starkey dropped by publisher HarperCollins (Reports).

David Starkey, who has faced mass criticism over his comments that “slavery was not genocide, otherwise there wouldn’t be so many damn Blacks”, has been stripped of his honorary Cambridge fellowship.

On June 30, the historian, 75, discussed with gay right-wing pundit Darren Grimes on his YouTube channel Reasoned, whether the Black Lives Matter movement has veiled “aims to delegitimate British history”.

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During the discussion, Starkey told Grimes: “Slavery was not genocide. Otherwise there wouldn’t be so many damn blacks in Africa or in Britain, would there? An awful lot of them survived.”

The United Nations estimates that around 17 million Black people died during the transatlantic slave trade, but the death toll varies, with some suggesting the figure could be between 30 to 70 million.

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Starkey said that slavery was “fruitful” even with the “downsides”, and added: “As for the idea, as I said, that slavery is this terrible disease that dare not speak its name… I only dare not speak its name, Darren, because we settled it 2,000 years ago.”

Starkey is facing widespread condemnation, and has now been forced to resign from the honorary fellowship he was given by Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge in 1984.

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The master of Fitzwilliam College confirmed Friday (July 3) that she had accepted his resignation “with immediate effect”.

Fitzwilliam prides itself in leading the way in Cambridge in opening access to higher education for underrepresented groups,” a statement read.


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