Idiot’s Guide to Climate Change Rainn Wilson: terrifying journey seen.

Participant Media-owned SoulPancake is following the journey of The Office actor and SoulPancake cofounder Rainn Wilson as he becomes a vocal climate activist, in An Idiot’s Guide to Climate Change.

The six-part series will premiere new episodes every Tuesday on the SoulPancake YouTube channel.

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The series begins with Wilson traveling to Greenland and Iceland to see the impact of climate change firsthand, and follows him to global conferences and marches, an Icelandic Toyota factory, Greenland’s Ice Sheet, and more.

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Along the way, he grows from being well-intentioned but uninformed, to becoming a leading advocate, speaking with leading scientists and activists including Greta Thunberg; astronomer and climate activist Sævar Helgi Bragason; arctic scientist Dr. David Hik; Lancaster University Professor of Sustainability Dr. Gail Whiteman; atmospheric scientist Dr. Jennifer Francis; and Future Coalition executive director Katie Ede.

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“The amazing, fun, and terrifying journey seen in An Idiots Guide to Climate Change really opened my eyes,” said Wilson in a statement. “It was my idiotic way of exploring this extremely non-idiotic issue.”


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