Florida one day deaths 191 from coronavirus Tuesday.

Florida recorded 191 deaths from coronavirus Tuesday, bringing the weekly death average up to the highest point yet at about 132 deaths a day, according to the Florida Department of Health.

Across the state, 6,240 people have died from the virus.

Florida also added 9,230 new coronavirus infections, bringing the total to 441,977 since the first identified case in March. Hospitalizations also had a record-high increase of 590 admissions among Florida residents. The positivity rate, or the percentage of positive tests among the tests processed, for the day is about 12 percent.

Tampa Bay added just shy of 1,000 new cases Tuesday and 65 deaths. The bulk of the new cases came from Hillsborough County, whereas Pinellas County lead the region in deaths.

Florida’s record-high deaths and hospitalizations Tuesday came as no surprise to experts. Medical professionals have said for weeks that the death toll and hospitalizations will continue to rise unless behavior begins to change.

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What’s the picture statewide?
Florida’s average weekly positivity rate continues rise well above the World Health Organization’s recommendation of 5 percent.

The state calculates the positivity rate by including negative retests but not positive retests, which puts more emphasis on negative tests.

Johns Hopkins University calculates Florida’s positivity at about 19 percent, where it has remained steady for the past several weeks. It’s the third highest of any state, whereas 18 states have positivity rate at 5 percent or below. When the percentage of positive tests is high, that could mean testing isn’t widespread enough to fully understand the rate of spread in a community.

More than 3.4 million people across Florida have been tested for the virus, nearly 16 percent of the state’s population.

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With 441,977 positive cases of coronavirus identified since March, 2 percent of Florida’s population has contracted the virus so far.

In the past five days, the average number of new cases fell to below 11,000 after a stretch where the average was higher, nearing 12,000 on some days.

The number of new cases announced each day may not reflect what was identified in the previous 24 hours. The results could come from a span of several days because of testing delays.

Deaths and hospitalizations also routinely lag behind a jump in positive cases. When Florida’s coronavirus infections rose in June, deaths and hospitalizations began to surge in July.

Florida’s previous record-high number of deaths came Thursday when 173 announced. In high-risk areas like Florida’s prisons, July has been the worst month for deaths, with 22 inmates dying from COVID-19.

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Before Tuesday’s record-high hospitalizations, the state set the record on Friday.

More than 9,110 people are in the hospital with a primary diagnosis of coronavirus as of Tuesday, according to the Agency for Health Care Administration. About 1,500 are in the Tampa Bay area.

Statewide, about 24 percent of hospital beds and 18 percent of intensive care unit beds are available. In Tampa Bay, 19 percent of hospital beds and 14 percent of ICU beds are available.

ACHA, the state agency that regulates hospitals and assisted living facilities, tracks more specific hospitalization data than it releases to the public, including how many people are in the ICU and how many are on ventilators, according to the Miami Herald.


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