Mike Pompeo subpoena for records on Biden’s role in Ukraine.

The Democratic chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee subpoenaed Secretary of State Mike Pompeo for State Department records already given to Republican-led Senate committees that are trying to tie former Vice President Joe Biden to wrongdoing in Ukraine.

“Secretary Pompeo has turned the State Department into an arm of the Trump campaign and he’s not even trying to disguise it,” Rep. Eliot Engel of New York said in a statement Friday. He said the department has refused his request to provide duplicates of more than 16,000 pages of records given to Senate panels.

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President Donald Trump was impeached by the House for pressuring Ukraine’s president to help back up unsupported allegations of wrongdoing by Biden and his son, Hunter, who was a paid board member of a Ukrainian energy company. Republican senators are continuing to pursue the issue as Democrat Biden leads Trump in polls ahead of the presidential election in November.

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“I want to see the full record of what the department has sent to the Senate, and I want the American people to see it too,” Engel said.

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The subpoena directs Pompeo to turn over the records by Aug. 7. A spokesman said the State Department is preparing a response to Engel’s comments.


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