Marine barracks beirut explosion, Beirut Rocked by two Massive Explosions.

A massive explosion rocked Lebanon’s capital Beirut Tuesday evening. The blast took place in a storage facility at its port, and some said looked like an atomic bomb exploding because of the mushroom cloud.

One Beirut resident told CBN News “It felt like an earthquake” and he hadn’t “seen anything this big in the city since the 1983 Marine Barracks bombing.”

Eyewitnesses reported it blew out windows as far as six miles away while French TV reported it could be felt as far away as Cyprus in the Mediterranean Sea more than 60 miles away.

Two explosions took place. Many were videotaping the first explosion when a second much large explosion leveled and destroyed buildings for blocks.

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Videos posted online showed scenes reminiscent of 9-11 and it’s likely the death toll could be substantial. So far, officials are reported 10 dead and hundreds injured. Lebanon’s Health Minister said there will be “a very high number of injuries.”

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