USPS reorganization, Democrats React To USPS Shake-Up.

The United States Postal Service announced it would restructure and shift its leadership team as part of a bid to be more efficient, but Democrats say it’s the latest effort of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy to compromise the post office before the November presidential election when millions more are expected to mail in their votes than in the past.

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DeJoy said Friday that the post office would restructure its organizational system to reduce costs and maximize profits, in part by ousting or reassigning 23 executives, leading critics to call the move a “Friday Night Massacre” on social media.

The announcement was met with outcry from Democrats, and politicians like Sen. Elizabeth Warren accused DeJoy of playing “partisan games” and of sabotaging the USPS just before the presidential election that’s expected to draw in record numbers of mail-in ballots.

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Cost-saving measures implemented by DeJoy have been accused of slowing down mail service, which he fought back against Friday when he said a recent investigation launched by Senate Democrats was guilty of “sensationalizing isolated operational incidents.

”DeJoy—who has made hefty donations to the Trump campaign in the past—denied allegiance to the president over his role as the postmaster, telling the board of governors Friday that “while I certainly have a good relationship with the President of the United States, the notion that I would ever make decisions concerning the Postal Service at the direction of the President, or anyone else in the Administration, is wholly off-base.”

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