Ed Oliver arrest, Bills’ Oliver ‘felt like I was guilty until proven innocent’ .

Ed Oliver felt “violated” after his recent arrest, and though the Buffalo Bills defensive tackle knew he was innocent, he said he also felt guilty because of the incident.

Oliver was arrested in May and charged with driving while intoxicated and unlawfully carrying a weapon. All charges were dropped in late July after he blew 0.0 on the breathalyzer, and his blood tests were all negative.

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“I don’t know how you get arrested with nothing in your system,” Oliver said Monday, according to Michael Giardi of NFL Network. “I felt like I was guilty until proven innocent and not innocent until proven guilty.”

“You get stripped down, you get put in this jumpsuit,” Oliver added. “I shouldn’t be doing this. I didn’t work my life and walk in a straight line my whole life to be put in a jumpsuit and be taken to jail for what?”

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Authorities pulled the 22-year-old over when responding to a 911 call about a white Ford Superduty pickup driving dangerously in a construction zone. Police said Oliver had an open beer bottle between his legs and determined the defensive lineman to be impaired “by possibly something besides alcohol.”

After getting the charges dismissed on July 22, Oliver’s attorney Gary Patterson said the report about a beer bottle between his client’s legs was “totally inaccurate.”

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Oliver, meanwhile, condemned the actions of police officers involved in the incident questioning, “how do five cop cars show up before I take a sobriety test?”

The Bills drafted Oliver No. 9 overall in 2019. The Houston product racked up 43 tackles and five sacks in his rookie campaign.


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